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We, Viewpek Enterprise Co., Limited. are specialized in producing brushes. There are about 2000 square meters for our factory. We produce many kinds of brushes, such as Professional Cosmetic/ Makeup Brushes, Gift Brushes, Professional Artist Brushes, Artist Brushes for Kids, Acrylic Nail Brushes, Nail Art Brushes, Dental Ceramic/Porcelain Brushes for Dental Lab. etc, most of them are Kolinsky Sable Brushes and Red Sable Brushes. The quality of our products are well accepted by many world famous companies.


We are focus in improving technology of brushes production, striving for perfection in the quality of brushes to meet different requirements of our customers. We’re professional not only in the brushes producing, but also in the trade. Our final goal is to reap profits together with our customers.


Excellent quality, reasonable price, prompt delivery and timely communication, these are what we do.


Your satisfaction with our company and products is our motive force of moving on.



The brushes we can produce are,

1. Cosmetic Brushes/ Makeup Brushes: cosmetic brush set, Professional Makeup Brush Kit, Gift Brush Kit, Powder Brushes, Bronzer Brushes, Refillable Powder Brushes, Retractable Powder Brushes, Blush Brushes, Body Powder Brushes, Contour Brushes, Finishing Fan Brushes, Foundation Brushes, Kabuki Brushes, Eye Shadow Brushes, Eye Liner Brushes, Eyebrow Brushes, Mascara Brushes, Lip Brushes, Retractable Lip Brushes, etc.

2. Artist Brushes: Watercolor Brushes, Oil-color Brushes, Oil& Acrylic Brushes, Stencil Brushes, Designer Brushes, Handicraft Brushes, Watercolor Painting Brushes, Oil-color Painting Brushes, Taklon Brush, etc.

3. Dental Brushes for Dental Lab.: Ceramic Brushes/ Porcelain Brushes, Modeling Brushes/ Building Brushes, Wax Brushes, Stain Brushes, Opaque Brushes, Glazing Brushes, Cleaning Brushes, etc.

4. Nail Brushes: Acrylic Nail Brushes, Nail Beauty Brushes, Nail Art Brushes (Detail Brushes, Striper Brushes, Fan Brushes, Dotting Tools, Flat Brushes, etc.), Gel Brushes, Sculpting Brushes, Cleaning Brushes, etc.

Most of them are made of Kolinsky sable hair, Red sable hair/ Red marten hair, Synthetic fibers.



Viewpek Enterprise Co.Limited.


Add. : No.1, East 5 Lane,

         Shexia Village, Ailian, Longgang

         ShenZhen, GuangDong,China

Zip Code : 518172

Tel. : +86-755-89569169

Fax : +86-755-89721821

E-mail : service@viewpek.com 


Http : //www.viewpek.com

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